Release History

1.0 07/10/2007
0.6 07/02/2007
0.5 28/02/2005
0.4 20/10/2004
0.3 28/07/2004
0.2 30/04/2004
0.2 26/04/2004

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Release 1.1 - CVS HEAD


Release 1.0 - 07/10/2007

update Updated to build with JDK 1.5 joniles
update Updated to use Jaxen 1.1.1 for XPath support joniles
update Updated to use latest Jacob 1.13 joniles
update Updated to use generics joniles
update Updated to change package to net.sf.jiffie joniles
update Updated to replace references to Tapster Rock with Packwood Software joniles

Release 0.6 - 07/02/2007

add Added support for the form attribute on form elements. (Contributed by Joe Ferner). joniles
update Updated to implement the full set of events generated by Internet Explorer. Note that events marked as "obsolete" or "not yet implemented" in Microsoft's documentation are not implemented by Jiffie. joniles
add Added sample code to demonstrate a method for handling modal and modeless dialogs. joniles
add Added an accessor method for the frames property of an IHTMLDocument2. joniles
update Checkstyle 4.0 updates. joniles
update Updated to use Jacob 1.11.1 joniles

Release 0.5 - 28/02/2005

add Implemented support for XPath queries against the Internet Explorer DOM (Contributed by Piran Montford). joniles
add Added support for IHTMLHtmlElement. joniles
update Updated to use Jacob version 1.8 from SourceForg e, and removed the full Jacob distribution from Jiffie. joniles
update Simplified the internal implementation of the InternetExplorer class by removing the use of ActiveXControl. joniles
update Made the InternetExplorer class a sub class of IDispatch, and as a result further simplified the implementation of this class. joniles
update Updated methods in the ElementContainer class to switch from Object as the return type to IDispatch, as we know that all objects returned by these methods will be subclasses of IDispatch. joniles
add Added an isReleased method to the Releaseable interface. This can be called to determine if a releaseable object has been released. joniles
add Implemented TrackingElementFactory, which can be used either to debug unreleased entities created by Jiffie, or as a Garbage Collector, which will release unreleased entities for you. joniles
add Implemented BlockingEventThread, which performs the same task as BlockingClickThread, but works with arbitrary events rather than mouse clicks. joniles
add Implemented IHTMLPopup and IHTMLStyle (Contributed by Justin Law). joniles
add Implemented write, writeln, get/setCookie, get/setDomain methods in IHTMLDocument2 (Contributed by Brian Wong). joniles
add Implemented IHTMLDocument2.getDocumentElement (Contributed by Matthias Marschall). joniles
add Implemented IHTMLTableCellElement.getCellIndex. joniles
update Updated to ensure that when element properties are retrieved (e.g. getParentElement) the elements are created using the correct element factory. joniles
update Renamed IHTMLTableCellElement to IHTMLTableCell and IHTMLTableR owElement to IHTMLTableRow for consistency with Microsoft's naming. joniles
add Implemented the JiffieUtility.executeScript method, which allows arbitrary JavaScript to be executed in the context of an IHTMLDocument (Contributed by Justin Law). joniles
update Rewrote the various readState methods so that rather than returning a mixture of int or String values, they all now return instances of the new ReadyState class, which provides an enumeration of the possible values that may be returned from these methods. joniles
add Implemented the JiffieTestCase class which provides the basis for Jiffie-based JUnit tests to be written (Contributed by Justin Law). joniles
update Rewrote JiffieTest to make it into a TestSuite, and to break up the original tests it contained into individual test classes for each Jiffie class. joniles
add Added support for IHTMLDocument2.execCommand (contributed by Brian Wong). joniles
add Implemented IHTMLCurrentStyle and IHTMLElement.getCurrentStyle() (contributed by David Carr). joniles
add Implemented getNodeName() and getNodeValue in IHTMLDOMNode (contributed by David Carr). joniles
add Implemented accessor/modifier methods for HWND, top, left, height and width properties in InternetExplorer (contributed by David Carr). joniles
update Updated jacob.dll to add Jacob patch #1105915 to address memory corruption and JVM crash problems. joniles
add Implemented JiffieUtility.setEventHandlingEnabled(), JiffieUtility.getEventHandlingEnabled, and InternetExplorer.enableEventHandling(). These methods allow event handling to be disabled by default for all new browser instances, then selectively re-enabled for browser instances which specifically need events. This improves Jiffie's performance and stability. Note that if you need to handle new windows opened by a browser when using Jiffie, you will need to enable event handling. By default event handling is enabled, ensuring that the default behaviour of Jiffie is not changed. joniles
update Refactored Jiffie event handling to make it possible to supply user defined event handlers. Two event handler implementations are now supplied, FullEventHandler (which is the default) and NewWindowEventHandler. This facility has been designed to allow Jiffie users to make event handling efficient for their particular applications by defining only the events they are interested in. This improves Jiffie's efficiency and stability. The NewWindowEventHandler is likely to be the most useful as it only receives NewWindow2 events from Internet Explorer. These are the events required to handle any new windows created by Internet Explorer. Use the following code to set the default event handler before creating a new InternetExplorer instance. JiffieUtility.setEventHandlerFactory(new NewWindowEventHandlerFactory()); joniles
update Updated IHTMLStyle to allow attributes to be set via specific named methods. joniles
update Updated to use Jacob version 1.9. joniles

Release 0.4 - 20/10/2004

update Implemented major changes to the API to make handling HTMLElements more flexible. This change includes the removal of the get methods used to retrieve particular HTMLElement types. Please review the JUnit tests to see how these changes have affected the code. (Suggestions and contri butions by Piran Montford) joniles
update Modified a number of methods to embed common calls to waitWhileBusy and waitWhileIncomplete. The modified methods now take a boolean parameter to indicate what the method should do. Passing false retains the old behaviour, passing true means that the method will wait until the parent browser is not busy and (if applicable) the parent document is complete. (Suggested by Piran Montford) joniles
update Updated JiffieUtility class to allow the status polling rate and timeout to be configured. joniles
add Added support for IHTMLBodyElement. joniles
add Added support for IHTMLDivElement, IHTMLFrameBase2, IHTMLTableCellElement, and IHTMLTableRowElement (contributed by Mark Richter). joniles
add Implemented new window and navigation event handling and support for arbitrary window and navigation event listeners (contributed by Mark Richter) joniles
add Added item and tags methods to the ElementCollection class to emulate the behaviour of the IHTMLElementCollection methods of the same name. joniles
add Added the convenience methods getElementListByNameAndTag, getElementByTag and getElementByNameAndTag to the ElementContainer class. Updated getElementByName to return null if there are no elements with the requested name. joniles
update Modified BlockingClickThread to allow the caller to determine if the thread is still blocked. joniles
add Added a new sendKeys method to JiffieUtility to allow the caller to poll and repeatedly send keystrokes avoiding the situation where keystrokes sent to Internet Explorer arrive before the modal dialog they are being sent to is visible. joniles
add Added the use of a Rele aseable interface which is implemented by all classes for which the release method should be called when they are no longer required. (suggested by Piran Montford). joniles
update Updated the sendKeys method to throw an exception if focus could not be set to the requested window. joniles

Release 0.3 - 28/07/2004

add Added support for IHTMLOptionElement (Contributed by Tim Langford) joniles
add Added support for IHTMLElement getOuterText, getTagName and getParentElement (Contributed by Darius Cooper) joniles
add Added support for IHTMLInput.getType and IHTMLOption.getSelected (Contributed by Darius Cooper) joniles
update Modified JiffieTest.elementTest to make it more portable between different versions of IE. (Contributed by Darius Cooper) joniles
update Updated to use Maven for documentation. joniles

Release 0.2 - 30/04/2004

fix Fixed a bug causing arrays of elements generated by the get < type > Array() to contain null elements. joniles
update Expanded the JUnit tests to illustrate how new windows are handled. joniles
update Expanded the JUnit tests to illustrate how radio buttons are handled. joniles
update Renamed some ElementCollection methods for consistency, particularly the getAll method is now getElements. joniles
add Implemented additional attributes and methods for IHTMLFormElement. joniles
add Added support for retrieval of collections of elements with the same name (e.g. radio buttons, checkboxes). joniles

Release 0.2 - 26/04/2004

add Initial release. joniles