Welcome to Jiffie, a Java/JNI library which allows Microsoft Internet Explorer to be controlled from Java. The primary purpose of this library is to allow automated regression testing of web applications using a framework like JUnit.

Jiffie is designed to be simple to use and easy to extend. It is not designed to be a complete implementation of all of the COM interfaces made available by Internet Explorer. Jiffie was originally used internally at my company, and its development was driven by my requirements. If you need it to do more, feel free to suggest enhancements, or better still, contribute some code!

Getting Started

The latest release of Jiffie can be downloaded by following this link. In order to use Jiffie you need to ensure that jacob.dll can be found somewhere in your Windows PATH, and that jacob.jar and jiffie.jar can be found in your Java CLASSPATH. If you want to use the XPath features implemented by Jiffie, you will need to ensure that jaxen-core.jar and saxpath.jar can be found in your Java CLASSPATH. All of these archives and libraries are supplied as part of the Jiffie distribution. Please note that Jiffie has only been tested against the Java 1.4.2 SDK. It has however been successfully tested with Internet Explorer versions 5.5, 6.0 and 7.0.

Sample Code

All of the sample code supplied with Jiffie is in the form of a set of JUnit tests exercising Jiffie's functionality. If you want to understand how to do something with Jiffie, this is the best place to start looking. We have tried to make the documentation of these tests comprehensive to ensure that they are a useful reference for developers.

Jiffie Classes and Documentation

The Jiffie classes that correspond directly to Internet Explorer functionality have been given the same names as their equivalent COM interfaces. So for example the COM interface IHTMLDocument2 is implemented by the IHTMLDocument2 Java class. Jiffie comes with a basic set of Javadoc documentation, and comprehensive documentation describing the Internet Explorer's COM interfaces can be found here.

Java-COM Bridge

Jiffie is based on version 1.11.1 of the Jacob Java-COM bridge. The current Jacob distribution can be found at


Jiffie can be built using the ant build.xml file found in the ant directory of the distribution.


Contributions are welcome, and easy to make. It would be nice to expand the number of HTML element types explicitly supported by Jiffie. You can manipulate pretty much all HTML elements via the IHTMLElement class, but obviously you don't get to use the attributes and methods unique to a particular element. So have a look at the documentation here.

Pick an element to implement, and use an existing one (e.g. IHTMLFormElement) as a template for implementing the attributes and methods unique to your new element. You also need to create a test case for your new element. Once you are happy with that, send us the results and we'll add them to Jiffie.

Alternatives to Jiffie

There are many ways of controlling Internet Explorer from a variety of programming languages. Here are a list of a few such projects that have come to our attention since we began working on Jiffie. If you have a piece of software that you think should be on this list, drop us a note and we'll be happy to add it!

Contact Us

I'm keen to hear from you about how you are using Jiffie, please drop me a note at


The original code to implement Jiffie is licensed under the GNU Public License, a copy of which can be found in the legal directory.

Although Jacob, JUnit and Jaxen libraries are supplied with Jiffie for your convenience, they are all distributed under their own license agreements. You will find copies of these agreements in the legal subdirectory. Please read these licenses carefully!


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